Sunday, February 27, 2005

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Wednesday, December 08, 2004

Hack of two Geode mini-PCs

This one (PIC) is secure, other works with Linux.

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

One more C64 DTV hack with photos

A neat job on this one.

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

And another C64 DTV hacking website

This person followed the creztor instructions maybe and did own hack of C64 DTV

He does wires on top side of PCB, maybe better to fit back into joystick case.

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Another C64 DTV hacking website

C64 DTV hacking website with Hacking Forum
and other pictures of PCB area.

Thursday, November 25, 2004

more commodore DTV news - and pictures!

Blog with words on C64 joystick

And pictures!


DVC00008 DVC00009 DVC00010

DVC00011 DVC00012 DVC00013

DVC00014DVC00015 DVC00016

box_C64DTV closeup_C64DTVcloseup_side_C64DTV

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

now to hack C64 to keyboard & try load disk

Now I make good on promise to connect to keyboard (and try disk).

First find PS2 keyboard pin then serial connector - to PC X1541 - or to disk drive.

These ends of Commodore serial and PS2 keyboard wee need, others cut off

Keyboard clk/data red/black wires
Keyboard clk/data red/black wires close

Keyboard vcc/vdd yellow/brown wires close

Keyboard all wires

Add serial clk/data wires close

add serial atn/vdd orange/black wires close

all keyboard/serial wires

hook to 5v VCC supply take power from surplus PC supply or hook to 5v from disk drive power unet.

here system with on comodore 1571 disk drive unit

Test to see if working still

Yes good!

System to start in 64 mode must need PS2 key activity, best key to press is "k" keep press until see on screen.

Sometimes you will need to hit reset button on joystick before keyboard key press to make work.

Then full c64 can be worked like original computer.

Find hidden file system. you find with load from "cassette tape" device #1


with files #1 & #2 to tell about how to program and fix

Monday, November 22, 2004

Best hack of year so far: Playstation 2 Portable!

Playstation 2 Portable!

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Look inside C64 DTV joystick

Open up easy and look inside!

Top of main PCB with other PCB and wires.
top of PCB with 3 chips and 2 crystals shown.
RAM TSOP part.

The bottom side of PCB and closer and look close of the keyboard area then a close look at video/audio with Commodore serial part more serial part and button lines . now here power for joystick from battary

I see it will be easy to connect joystick PCB to outsite!

Monday, November 08, 2004

hot Zvue system to hack

maybe perfect little box to hack for gaming!

Motorola Dragonball™ i.MXL 200MHz processor

=> has ARM9 core

. The i.MX family specifically addresses the needs of the personal, portable product market with its intelligent integrated
peripherals, advanced processor core, and power management capabilities.
The i.MXL (MC9328MXL) applications processor is designed for real-time applications enabled by the ARM920T™ microprocessor core
and is equipped with a rich set of highly integrated peripherals and features. The i.MXL is ideal for products optimized for multimedia
applications in low-cost yet feature-rich devices

=> same as in Sony Clie PEG-TJ37

Backlit, active matrix TFT display

USB 1.1 self-powered device

Reads and writes SD and MMC cards formatted as FAT or FAT-32.

Plays MPEG-4/AVI videos; MP3 and OGG audio files and displays JPEG pictures

The chip

Motorola's MC9328MX1 i.MX1 is based on a ARM920T CPU core along with an extensive set of integrated peripherals. On-chip controllers are provided for SDRAM, LCD interface, video port, dual UARTs, dual SPI ports, USB device port, I2C bus, general purpose I/O, and memory card interfaces. Here's a more detailed list of key features and specs of the i.MX1, which comes in a 256-pin MAPBGA package:

* ARM920T microprocessor core
* Memory management unit (MMU)
* 128KByte embedded SRAM
* Smartcard interface
* Bluetooth accelerator
* Analog signal processor
* AHB to IP bus interfaces
* External interface module
* SDRAM controller
* Clock generation and power control
* Two serial ports
* Two SPI ports
* Two general-purpose 32-bit counters/timers
* Watchdog timer
* Real-time clock/sampling timer
* LCD controller
* Pulse-width modulation controller
* USB device port
* SD/MMC card controller
* Memory Stick card controller
* DMA controller
* SSI/I2S interface
* I2C interface
* Video port
* General-purpose I/O ports
* Bootstrap mode
* Multimedia accelerator
* Power management features

Motorola said it targets its DragonBall i.MX family of "application processors" at smartphones, wireless PDAs, and other mobile wireless applications. (Incidentally, "MX" in the processor name stands for "Media Extensions", and this processor is the first in Motorola's Dragonball i.MX family; hence the designation "i.MX1".)

The i.MX1 runs at a 200 MHz clock rate. Motorola emphasizes that "it's not about the megaherz," claiming that its 200 MHz i.MX processors can outperform much faster processors due to architectural advantages and built-in function accelerators; plus, lower clock rates are a big advantage in wireless mobile devices (longer battery life, less WLAN/WWAN signal interference, etc.).

In an i.MX technology whitepaper (pdf), Motorola claimed its i.MXL processor (similar to the i.MX1, but with a subset of the built-in functions) outperformed both Intel's Xscale PXA250 and TI s OMAP 1510 processors in a recent benchmarking study.

Mai watching MP4 movie on Zvue

many fun hours I see here, maybe hack will wait hahahahaha

Monday, November 01, 2004

Commodore 64 TV joystick found

friend Dan in honk kong has some and will send two for me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

At least four die as storm hits Taiwan
LOCAL DEVASTATION: Heavy rains, flooding and severe winds left their mark on the country as Typhoon Nock-Ten brushed trough Taiwan.
At least four people died after Typhoon Nock-Ten pounded northern Taiwan with heavy rains and strong winds yesterday.

photo: Tang Sheng-Yang, Taipei Times
Aisan 3rd Road in Keelung suffers the worst flooding since the devastating Typhoon Nari in 2001. Extensive flooding resulting from Typhoon Nock-Ten leaves the usually bustling street deserted.

Mother natures attacks fiercly this year: so far 10 typhoons and 97 earthquakes in Taiwan!

Thursday, August 12, 2004

erm... my uncle just passed away... so the initial plan to go down south for a family vacation is not cancelled... things are pretty messy... date to go back to US is postponed indefinitely... erm... i dunnoe wat to say at a time like this. it is very heart-breaking to see my 78yr old grandma suffering like this... very very very heart-breaking... but at least i am here with her... guess tat is the most i could do at a time like this... not particularly close to this uncle even though she is the big bro of my mom... long family history... shall not say too much... but all my thoughts are on my poor grandma... poor old lady is so devastated... and seeing her so devastated kills me so bad inside... stood in front of my uncle as he lie lifelessly in tat abandoned car beside the road... chanting prayers for him for 2hrs nonstop... weird smell and flies surrounded me... but all my thoughts were on the old lady and how devastated she would be when we finally have to break the news to her... that i didn't even bother swating away the flies or get disgusted by the smell... now tat my grandma had cried herself to sleep, onli then do i feel the disgust and horror at what i really saw... life... life... life...

really really in a mess now... look calm and cool as usual... but i am feeling really sick deep inside... can't eat anything... feel like screaming... or maybe i just need some fucking alcohol to drunk myself unconcious... but things needs to be done... need to do my part in consoleing my grandma and be strong for my mom and take care of myself so she dun have to worry... but me being my emotional self... is hahah... emotionally overboard for my own good... messed up... really messed up... 阿?陀佛。。。大舅舅你好好的走。。。一切有?法,如?幻泡影。如?亦如?,?作如是?。 万般皆?不去。。。?何?能看破放下??

Sunday, August 08, 2004

taiwan should improve their english level
It is quite often seen a bit everywhere in taiwan, a poor standard of the english language.
although great efforts are visible among the young generations, we come across with innumerous careless mistakes, affecting the government (official reports), businesses, etc, etc.
This would not be a problem if Taiwan would only interact with it self, but we are in the 21st century and in a dynamic economy like Taiwan, an interaction with the world is unavoidable.
Another serious example is when the local post offices have street names lists with wrong spellings. When they receive a letter with the right spelling in English and as the majority of the post office employees can't speak English, they rely on their list to verify the correspondent Chinese name. Because their list does not contain the official English spelling, the letter is either returned to the sender as "Non-existing address" or is delivered in a wrong place.
I've been personally affected by this problem several times and had to take a photo of my street's plate name to bring to the post office, for them to understand the actual problem.

Check out an example of shop that has the intention to advertise their product: Instead of writing "Fruit Ice-cream", they write "Special Ice & Fruit Food". This is an example of a direct translation, which sometimes does not make any sense (not to mention the spelling error).

Thursday, July 29, 2004

i am in taiwan now. living in my aunt's place coz my house is in a ruin... and i am serious. just got here today. and finally able to access blogspot. using my cousin's computer so i shall not crap too much...

but still... i want to thank everyone who tried their best to meet up with me when i go back to singapore. it was good to see you guys again. seriously. feels... surreal... after i left singapore 2 yrs ago, i really didn't think i would be back so soon. thought of you guys alot of course and miss you guys terribly. but neva tot i could see ya guys again. sure, times has changed, and things have changed. i was quite shocked by all tat when i first came back, dun really noe how to react to it... but i guess i have till next time to find a way how. but still. thank you guys. thank you so much.

and terribly sorry for those i can't meet up with or meet up with again. tris, yikley, kianping, mike n meng etc etc.... so many of you.... so little time. pls do forgive me and please do not mistake it as me not appreciating you guys enuff. feeling really terrible that i couldn't meet up with all you guys... really really terrible...

hmm... wat else to say? er... i dunnoe. really want to wish you guys all the best. i really pray that our paths will cross again. in a more substantial way if ya noe wat i mean... like the trip i had in shanghai was awefully great. it was awesome. 13 strangers stuck together for a month working on things and doing things together. it is amazing how we bonded and wat we did. bros n friends in singapore, tat is exactly wat you guys meant to me ya noe. would love to have the opportunity to work and spend much longer times with you guys coz i think you guys are just awesome and spending time with you guys have positive effects on me (yeah... even you goushis...MUAHAHAHA... jk...)...

promised to cut down on the crap. sigh... plus can't really type with all the tears in my eyes. sorry guys... really really terribly sorry... miss ya guys like crazy and will always think of you guys whenever i go. take care yeah!?!?!

p.s. shall blog abt my amazing shanghai trip next time. really worth blogging.

Friday, July 23, 2004


a very nice part and hack into Nomad!

Friday, June 11, 2004

Jakks Atari 2600 joystick

We find the 10-in-one stick and take it apart to see inside. First is stick and box and closer of front of stick.

Open up to see workings, front and size of PCB and look from top down.

Take out PCB and look at bottom view. We have 27Mhz crystal and ASIC on left. Contains processor, RAM and video out. Chip on right is probably ROM for games.

Will next try look at ROM to see if micro-code is Z80, 6502 or something.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

back from tioman... sunburned... the place was nice, clear water, nice weather, amazing fishes, lotsa fun. HAHAHA... the fish were really amazing, you throw bread to them and even before the bread touch the water and they will just swarm to tat place oledi. it is like they are so well trained you noe... ok... of there are always stones to pick n such, but i think the place is nice enuff n the experience gd enuff... then of course yours truly improvised and quite smart lah, i put some bread in a plastic bag, tie it up, put it into a pocket in my lifevest which you need to wear when you snorkle. like this, the fish could smell your bread on you, but dunnoe where is it, so they just circle around you big time lah... MUAHAHA... it was awesome... it is gd to use your brain. MUAHAHAHAHAH

but i think i really come to a point that i have concluded that idols are really meant to be watched at a distance. my cousin has always been my idol since young, everything he do, i admire and hold in great respect. but these 2 weeks spent with him really changes my opinion about him and definitely affects the amt of respect i have for him now. rite now, he is just another human being with his own personality, just like anyone else i know, he is no longer the ultimate superbeing tat cannot fault and won't go wrong... hahah... quite childish sounding rite? but i really think everyone needs an idol... and it is just harsh when idols are no longer as perfect as they seem to be, or wat you make them out to be... i dun like to say if my cousin's behavior or his attitude is gd or bad, to put it simply, he just do things in a way i cannot accept n won't do. he is still my cousin, but he is just erm... no longer up there.. if you guys noe wat i mean...

Monday, May 24, 2004

shall do a lame attempt to list how i have met thus far...

1.SOS nite aka NUS law bash nite:
john wu, ben lee, justin lee, tan wenduan, kian ping, ying shuang, William Liew, jeremy n jerald, yaoquan, henghwa, ben koh n some others...

2. RI trip
most of teachers, gave choco to Mrs Tan Mui Hong n Mr Tan PH. very pleasant surprise to have met fengrun. awesome!!

3. Met up with Chunyi n Shiwang

4. Met up with Alanna Yeo

5. Holland V aka Manchester VS Millwall
Justin Lee, Whale, Jon Lau + a few hours b4 tat went with KP to see singaproe kena trash by HK, saw Ervine Yeo n DMC

6. Met up with Mike n Eng Meng finally.... brought them to makan dinner with my family at bras basah there... then walk around esplanade, kewl nite!!

7. met up with them yet again the next day (today actually...) to see Mr Tan PH at bishan, had dinner, tok crap, awesome!!!

so now, if your name is not mentioned here, i will try my best to meet up, you noe who you are... in no order of preferance... the NJ girls grp, the RJ girls grp, pinky n whale grp, mr blue, mr OTY, the bayley gang... etc etc... sigh... this drag is really erm... draggy....

Friday, May 21, 2004

i will be in tioman from the 25 till the 26. past few days have been really trying. had an outburst last nite with nobody but myself, but i guess parents are just not use to it, muahah... guess they prefer me to have an outburst with them ah? sigh... would probably go out with KP later today, either go see movie or go rugby match.

i kinda have internet access now. dial up. but not tat i can use it very freely nowadays... coz it is slow, not to mention under the supervision of my parents... i get connected oledi they bark at me to come offline. er... dunnoe wat to say. and tat is exactly the feeling i have abt alot of things nowadays tat are happening around me. can't help but have the weird sound ringing in my head saying "this is onli for a mth...." but wtf, they are my parents after all you noe... but somehow it is really getting harder and really trying to live with them now. i love them just as much if not more coz i have been away from them for so long, but tat also mean tat our way of life, our approach to things have now taken on such a different approach. it would be fine if they can accept it, but their brilliant motto of "you live under my roof, you live under my rule." so it is the struggle of living life the way they do which i cannot n no longer accept... sigh... canot go into details... but you noe lah, itsy bitsy teeny weeny things of life n living under the same roof lah... sianz... but no choice still... OH WELL... n here is a recap of the time left tat i will get to meet folks here in singapore

from now 22nd May till 4th June

*** i will be in shanghai from 4th june till 4 July ***

will be back in singaproe from 4th till 8th, flying back to taiwan on the 9th. plus my bday is on the 5th July... so hopefully can meet up with you guys on tat day or something coz my parents dun celebrate angmo birthday as they call it... n my lunar bday is gonna be when i am in shanghai... yupyup... tat's all..